20 agosto 2011 § Lascia un commento

I haven't posted for quite a while because I was on holiday at my parents' house, for the first time with A BOY! Yes, my Armenian family has finally accepted the fact that their little girl is growing up… and just that is unbelievable. 

What can I say, time flies when you’re having fun, and my 12 days of freedom have just finished and I’m going back home to Parma.

New discoveries? … I become irrational when I rest to much! I guess I have to get better at managing my temper especially when it’s not such a big deal (had 2 outbursts for nothing), but I guess I get nervous when I feel I’m not doing anything useful and hence feel useLESS.

When I first arrived to the South of Italy I had this funny feeling, it felt like going back in time at first. A year had passed since last time I had been there… when I was worried about my studies, my foot was broken, I was single and jobless. It felt weird and bad as though nothing had changed from that time. The next day, in broad daylight, everything seemed much brighter. I enjoyed the beaches and the waves, the sun, the beautiful company of my family and my boyfriend, the funniest and most gorgeous person ever (btw he doesn’t even know about the blog so I’m not just being romantic!). Overall I spent days without any  worries at all. What I call a well deserved vacation.

I’m already planning everything for next week and can’t wait to get back to work and get it over with. It’s terrible when you start counting down to your last days of holiday.

I’m going to start recording some new songs seriously and finally get my degree in December, really looking forward to that. To that and to saving some money after a probable trip to Asia which I hope will take place some time in November. I will post many pics from there if I do go.

I salute you with a picture of the beautiful city of Otranto where I spent my holiday so you can envy me.


King of Pop

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One of the most shocking experiences of my life was this man’s death. I’m not even gonna bother talking about his private life, as if there was really much to talk about anyway. I just know that when he passed away I felt like a member of my family had gone missing. I couldn’t get over it and cried like a silly person for 4 days. Before then I really didn’t know exactly how much I loved him… I came across my favourite song “Man in the mirror”, live in Bucharest, 5 minutes ago on youtube, and I was amazed at what I saw.  It looks as though his fans really knew what they were witnessing while he was still alive and kicking. Not many artists have had that during their lifetime, a well deserved prize for such an incredible artist. What a phenomenon, in every possibile way. I guess I don’t need to tell you that or prove the obvious for that matter.

What I love most of this song are of course the lyrics, the heart he put in every word, is simply amazing. Having said that, if I only hear one more person saying he was a dancer above all I will shoot them down! MJ will live on forever.

A question of luck

30 luglio 2011 § Lascia un commento

Luck is what people say you have when they don’t think you did any hard work to earn your current position. They say it’s a question of luck just so they are “excused” for not having made it.  If you don’t get out there chances are you aren’t getting any luckier any time soon: I am working on getting lucky as I write, I’m choosing carefully from all things I could possibly be doing right now. I choose not to tie myself up too much with any compromising and abrupt decisions for the future. I’m thinking of the chances and probabilities there are to get closer to being lucky sooner and I’m planning to achieve just that.

In life it is all a question of luck, but we certainly can work our way to improve the chances of luck finding us. Let’s give luck a hand shall we? And, just for once, not suppose that the millionaire next door simply had a lot of luck in his life.

Happiness is hard to achieve in the best of times

26 luglio 2011 § Lascia un commento

Can anybody give me a good reason for why I’m so depressed these two days?! It has been a great week for me and I’ve achieved things I really thought were impossibile. I won a singing contest, I was interviewed by a journalist, appeared on the local paper and am currently preparing to sing live on a local radio programme! Could things go any better? … Yes, they could, but maybe I’m just being unthankful! The thing is that I was really hoping to get contacted for live gigs for my acoustic duo… a little “fame” is good but the purpose of all this was to get noticed and have shows around the city… yet all stays quiet … and there’s nothing I can do about it. Hence the bad mood I’m trying to get rid off, and long working days don’t seem to help. What happened to live music anyway?! I think some countries just don’t have the culture for it. I’m saying this about Italy but I am well aware of the existence of the opera, I just consider it an entirely different matter. My actual thoughts now are to invest on a Mac and a good recording system to upload some stuff on the net. Maybe I’ll be one of the new singing sensations on youtube,… or maybe I’ll only be a dreamer, but a dreamer who tried.

Sharing too much

19 luglio 2011 § 2 commenti

These world is all about show-offs: people who post pictures of where they are and who they’re with and what they’re doing, and it’s crazy to think anyone should really care! and yet, they do. That’s today’s life for you. Anything that happens and is happening is shared with a bunch of strangers all over the world.  But why is that? I believe it’s because we want to feel we are a part of this world which has  become too fast for us really. We’re afraid of loneliness, of not being remembered … or even worse, we’re afraid of not being really important to anyone at all. I for instance tried desperately to please others so that I could feel pleased about myself, …well it just doesn’t work that way. You see, you musn’t concentrate that type and amount of energy on just anyone. When it comes to relationships, like in many other things in life, we have to be selective and choose a someone as a target, a someone that deserves that sort of effort we put in our daily activities to prove we are worthy to have the best. Let’s face it, we all put in the effort. When you really do feel loved, and special, and appreciated, the need to appear loved, special and appreciated disappear, and it’s at this point that you reallt  find yourself happy with what you’ve got and not what you seem to have on the outside.

Paid my dues

12 luglio 2011 § Lascia un commento

Today I can proudly say that I have reached one of my main goals in life. It’s that much sweeter when you’ve invested 4 years of your life to get there, and I did! Only God knows what I had to go through to get my degree, not that I have already finished my thesis but I guess that will be much easier than giving 21 exams of stuff I wasn’t even interested in. Italian universities are chaotic, and no one will ever give you a hand when you need one, you’re basically on your own. Let alone when you’re studying a subject where personal opinions matter, and usually don’t correspond to the ones your teacher has! I can’t explain how relieved I am after having done everything. No more guilty feelings about partying late at night, not that I partied much at all,  but at least now I can, and I can also find the time to finally take those singing lessons I’ve been dreaming of since forever. Look out world cause here I come. As Anastacia would said, “I’ve paid my dues”, made everyone happy, and now it’s my turn to shine.

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

21 giugno 2011 § Lascia un commento

In other words “take a good look at your own faults before judging others”. This is something I’m tempted to say to some of the people who really talk a lot and don’t perform any real action to back it up yet have all the time in the world and especially the will to criticise and point out what you’re doing wrong with your own life. What I’ve come to learn from experience is that a person who doesn’t share your happiness isn’t someone you can consider a friend. We can all be sympathetic towards failure and hurt  while we can’t spontaneously be glad of someone’s success, that is if we don’t really care about them or are not really their friends.